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The Leading Eye Doctor in Clearwater, FL

At Northwood Vision, we believe that patients who understand their eyes are our best customers. Dr. Keats spends extra time with each patient. to provide insight about why you have the symptoms you do and to help you to care for your eyes by preventing future symptoms and sight threatening disease. At Northwood Vision, we take extensive histories to help us achieve these goals.

Dr. Keats recognizes vision is more than 20/20. Vision is the information the eyes collect, working together in synchronous movements, transmitting this information to the brain and then other parts of the body to cause a person to create an action. Any pathway that is disrupted can affect vision, so we test your entire visual system to ensure it operates efficiently, generating necessary solutions to give you optimal sight.

We pay particular attention to the small details performing if necessary some extra tests, or asking a patient to walk around in a real world space with a replica of the corrective wear we intend to prescribe. These extra steps can help a patient succeed with the lenses we prescribe, whereas they may have been previously unhappy with lenses they received elsewhere which were prescribed after a much less throrough eye examination.

Northwood Vision patients have a similar experience in our optical boutique. Our staff is trained to help you find a great frame that accentuates your facial shape and skin tone. We teach you about the latest technology in lens types that reduce weight and glare, while offering protection to your eyes. Patients often comment on how we truly help them understand the value of our products. Our motto at Northwood Vision is…. See Better, Look Amazing!

Our Eye Care Specialties

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We carry the latest European and American designer eyewear collections in a variety of styles, colors and materials.

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We offer comprehensive eye exams for the entire family. Call Northwood Vision today schedule your annual vision test!

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We offer a wide range of contact lenses to fit your needs including contact lenses exams and fittings.

Meet Our Doctor


Dr. Christopher Keats

Q&A with Dr. Keats| Let Dr. K answer some of your eyecare questions

When you test visual acuity, what does it mean to be 20/20 compared to being 20/80?

Vision is a very subjective measurement, but there is a need for doctors and patients to have a reference point to compare vision to others and to yourself as changes occur over time. Vision of 20/20 is a minimum hope and expectation we try to get patients to see. If I saw 20/20 and you saw 20/80. I could stand 80 feet away from a target you could barely see at 20 feet, and still see it about as well as you. People with exceptional vision can see even a little better than 20/10, which means they could stand 20 feet away and see the same smallest letter I see at 10 feet. Acuity of 20/10 is considered pretty amazing and is better than 20/20.

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