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Located in Northwood Plaza (between Publix and Stein Mart)

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Our Eye Care Clinic

Eye Doctor Clearwater

Eye Care services in Clearwater, FL

Northwood Vision is an optometric medical practice located in Clearwater. We service Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor, Oldsmar and other nearby areas. We specialize in adult and pediatric vision care. The knowledgeable staff at Northwood will direct you to the latest styles and fashion to compliment your features and preferences.

Northwood Vision specializes in quality frames with most frames being steel or titanium metals that are built to last. We also offer high-quality Zyl plastic frames from our vendors.  Many of these frames are created by some of the worlds most well-known designers like, Christian Dior, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Nike, Costa Del Mar, Silhouette, Kate Spade, Cole Haan, and OVVO. At Northwood Vision, quality and style will define your experience.

Northwood Vision is Owned By Optometrist Christopher K. Keats, OD

In November 2012, Dr. Christopher K. Keats purchased this practice from Dr. J Barry Cochran. Dr. Keats carries on the tradition of providing with the highest quality frames and lenses. He commits to an examination experience that will educate you about your eyes and serve to build trust with him as your primary eye care provider.

Northwood Vision in Clearwater, FL

We are also thankful to have a wonderful staff at Northwood Vision:

Our office manager, Lori has been with the practice many years and is able to help with all insurance needs and provide glasses care to our patients.

Margaret owned her own optical for a few decades, and is an incredibly competent highly experienced optician. Many of her patients have followed her here after she closed her own store.

We are thankful for Ronda, who answers all those phone calls and sets up the appointments and follow up care for our patients.

Dr. Keats has two technicians, Sebrina and Caroline. These helpful assistants will take our patients back to the room to prepare the electronic record for Dr. Keats when he begins the examination.

And Deborah has been our part-time optician for many years who helps us have expanded hours. We are thankful for our awesome team!

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Dear Northwood Vision patient,

COVID-19 has the potential to cause grave harm to many of the citizens in our population. According to Harvard epidemiologist Dr. Mark Lipsitch it is likely that at least between 40-70 % of the population will become infected with COVID-19. This virus is twice as contagious as the flu. About 80 percent will not have severe concerns, but based on the current data, 20% of the infected will become severe or critical, needing some form of hospital care to do well. Currently, about 30 % of those who become classified as severe based on WHO classification, will not survive. These are the unfortunate realities at the moment.

Meanwhile, at Northwood Vision, we want to do as much as possible to minimize this risk, to prevent mortality and long term side effects, while doing our best to provide the services our patients need. We are convinced you care about these same things. (Read more)

Here is what we are asking you to do to make a smaller exposure footprint:

  1. If you have any symptoms of a cold or flu (coughing, fever, difficulty breathing, running nose, etc), please reschedule your appointment for at least one month from now.
  2. Try not to touch any surfaces in the office you do not have to touch.
  3. If you are trying on glasses, DO NOT put the frames back on the shelf. Rather, we will collect them from you for proper cleaning before they are returned to the shelves.
  4. If you are ordering contact lenses, a year supply (and some 6 month supplies) order can be direct shipped to your home at no cost. Please take advantage of this so you don’t have to come into the office more than necessary.
  5. If you do need to come into the office for an adjustment, please call the office at 727-725-5558 when you arrive in your vehicle. We will let you know if there is a wait and will put you on a list so we can call or text you to come therefore minimizing the time you are in the enclosed space of our office.
  6. Please come to your appointment with the least number of people possible to reduce exposure to them and to others at the office.
  7. If you have any loved ones that have been exposed to the virus or certainly if they have symptoms of a respiratory illness, please wear a mask in case you are an asymptomatic carrier, or if possible, wait at least 4 weeks before coming in for non-essential care.

In an effort to protect you, here is what we are doing to help lower your risk:

  1. All surfaces in the office will be cleaned several times per day with antiviral/antibacterial cleaner. Surfaces in the exam room will be cleaned thoroughly in between each patient.
  2. No sick or symptomatic staff will be permitted to work while sick with a known viral respiratory infection or symptoms, or while directly caring for a sick relative/friend.
  3. For your safety, payments can be done ahead of time over the phone if you call ahead. This will decrease the amount of time you are in the store and your exposure risk in our enclosed space.
  4. No glasses frames other patients try on will be put back on display until the frames are cleaned with an antiviral cleanser.
  5. We are actively asking patients to reschedule for 4 weeks later if they have any symptoms themselves or in their family/ social network.
  6. We are giving options for patients to acquire goods by mail rather than coming into the store.
  7. We altering our schedule to decrease the number of patients that might be in the office at the same time to maximize social distancing.
  8. We are practicing frequent hand washing at our office to protect you and each other.
  9. We will ask patients to reschedule if they present to our clinic with a cough or other COVID-19 symptoms.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this stressful and trying time. Let us all work together to lower risk of the spread so that less people die and less people have permanent side effects from COVID-19. Each of us can do our part. May God bless each of you and keep you well. Thank you for your understanding and care for your fellow humans.

Dr. Christopher K. Keats, OD