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Palm Harbor Optometrist

Optometry Services For The Palm Harbor Community

Palm Harbor, Florida, is close to both Tampa and St. Petersburg. It’s a fun place to live and shop, with plenty of things to do, both inside and outdoors. After picking out some great designer sunglasses at Northwood Vision, take a visit to John Chesnut, Sr. Park to take a long walk and do some bird watching. Or visit the Wall Street Park, which is a favorite for family picnics. If you are a golfer, Palm Harbor is famous for its championship golfing at Innisbrook Resort & Golf Club.

If you are looking for something more entertaining, take a stroll down Florida Avenue in historic downtown Palm Harbor, where many historic buildings remain – open and welcoming, just as they have been for many decades. Downtown Palm Harbor is filled with small shops and interesting eateries. If you are in the mood for pizza while you wait for your glasses to be ready, check out a favorite pizzeria – Fireside Pizza Cafe. If deli is more your thing, the best deli in Florida is located in Palm Harbor – Lucky Dill Deli, where you can get a real authentic egg cream.

Palm Harbor is also home to a monthly event called “Palm Harbor’s First Friday Celebrations”. There’s lots of sun for children, with rides and games, food from local restaurants, and a display of local arts and crafts. Annually, the first Sunday in October marks when the “Taste of Palm Harbor” festival is held, where live music is played, and samples, generally of seafood, from over 20 local restaurants are offered. And, if you are a citrus afficionado, The Annual Palm Harbor Citrus Festival occurs in the Spring in the city’s historic downtown area.

Palm Harbor Eye Care Expert

As an eye care expert serving the Palm Harbor area, Dr. Keats provides outstanding eye care services for every member of the family, no matter their age. He provides careful and thorough eye examinations, screening for eye disease, as well as vision issues.

At Northwood Vision, we offer comprehensive eye examinations, using the most current technology and equipment. An eye exam at our optometric office will begin with a vision test. This test will determine whether you have any refractive errors, which would require vision correction with eyeglasses or contact lenses. Our eye exam also screens for eye disease, such as glaucoma or cataracts. Often your eye exam will include advanced digital imaging technologies to detect and measure changes to your retina over time. This test provides a record of your eye health, so that Dr. Keats can track any changes to your retina over time.

When you visit our optical department you will be able to choose from a large selection of designer frames and sunglasses. Our staff are trained in helping you choose the glasses that will both suit your vision needs, and look great with your face shape and complexion. If you are interested in contact lenses, our eye doctors will advise you on which contact lenses will be the best choice for your particular eyes and vision issue. We carry contact lenses by leading brands, suitable for daily, or weekly schedule. Today contact lens options are almost endless, so our eye care expert in Palm Harbor, Fl will find the best contact lenses for your eyes.


Dear Northwood Vision patient,

Here is what we are asking you to do to make a smaller exposure footprint:

  1. If you have any symptoms of loss of taste or smell, upset stomach/diarrhea coughing, fever, difficulty breathing, running nose please reschedule your appointment in 30 days or more.
  2. Wash your hands or use sanitizer immediately upon entering.
  3. Try not to touch any surfaces in the office you do not have to touch (you can push our door open with your foot! Try not to touch your face!)
  4. If you are trying on glasses, we will collect them from you for proper cleaning.
  5. Contact lenses can be shipped to you at no cost with an active rx (minimum 2 boxes)
  6. We will ask that if possible you come alone to the appointment. Guests can wait outside or in the car unless they need to be with you..
  7. If you have been exposed please wear a mask or reschedule in case you are an asymptomatic carrier, masks are encouraged to be worn by each patient if you have one.
  8. We will extend Contact lens prescriptions up to 6 months if recently expired and can direct ship an order to you if you see clearly and your eyes are feeling healthy.
  9. For a fee, we can ship your glasses to you if desired and you can have them adjusted after the shelter in place order is lifted.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this stressful and trying time. May God bless each of you and keep you well.

Dr. Christopher K. Keats, OD

What is an Eye Emergency? Read more

Routine Care: “I see pretty well in my glasses or contact lenses. I just want to update my frame and / or get some new lenses to optimize my vision. I don’t have any pain or headaches and my eyes feel good and look normal in the mirror to me. I have never been told I have a disease in my eye that needs to be managed. I should definitely wait to come in until the “Shelter at Home” mandate is over. If I am a contact lens wearer, I understand Dr. Keats will allow me to get 3-6 months of contact lenses mailed to me even if my contact lenses are recently expired or close to expiring.”

Emergent Care: “I see poorly and am having difficulty functioning to drive, read, or see my computer. It is affecting my work. Waiting to be seen in 2 months would be very difficult for me to conduct my life.” Another form of emergent care… “I have other symptoms like headaches, red eyes, discharge, or I might have a disease that threatens my sight like diabetes, macular degeneration, glaucoma, a recent onset of flashes and floaters in my vision and so on.” A final type of emergent care would be a patient who realizes, “I am a patient who has a previously scheduled appointment for a medical condition Dr. Keats is managing to protect my sight, so I should plan on coming in for my visit. However, if my overall health is poor and the benefit to risk ratio says I should push this appointment off until the “Shelter at Home” mandate is lifted, it may be wise for me to reschedule for a later date.” In summary, emergent care means it is important that you be seen quickly for the protection of your visual health and current discomfort, or medical health, so you can function to do your work efficiently now and in the future.