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One Day Disposable Contact Lenses

daily disposables clearwater, fl Years ago, everyone wore a single pair of lenses that would last a whole year. But patients were faced with a myriad of complications like corneal ulcers, abnormal blood vessel growth, and chronic comfort issues. So contact lens companies began the quest to find lenses that would be healthier and provide optimal comfort.

Initially, quarterly lenses were the answer, and over time this trend continued with the release of monthly lenses and two week lenses. Material changes to silicone-hydrogel have improved the lens technology even more.

Certainly, a lens that could be replaced every single day would have the lowest risk of complications and the best chance of good comfort. Computer lathe technologies and mass production abilities have now allowed contact lens manufacturers to create contact lenses accurately and more affordably than ever before. In fact, a patient can now purchase 365 pairs of contact lenses for a price similar to what they paid for a single pair when contact lenses were initially available.

Although one day contact lenses cost more than monthly lenses in today’s market, patients don’t need to purchase cleaning solutions, saving them money and giving them and parents piece of mind they are in lenses that are clean and safe.

In the past, one day lenses were not available to patients with astigmatism, or who needed bifocals, but the parameters have been constantly expanding to include patients who never had these options before. Some of the most successful brands are the “Acuvue One Day Moist”, the “Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus”, and the “Proclear One Day”.

Even patients with dry eyes are now finding one day lens options that provide comfort through advanced technologies like the “Total Dailies One” and “Acuvue TruEye”.

Ask Dr. Keats about your candidacy for one day replacement lenses and enjoy the comfort, convenience, and superior eye health these lenses offer.