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My Contact Lenses Hurt! What Can I Do?

Get Relief for Eye Irritation from Contact Lenses, in Clearwater, Florida

Contact lenses are typically comfortable a moment or two after insertion, or at least, they should be! Most wearers testify that they usually don’t feel their contacts at all throughout the day. However, when your lenses are bothersome – they can cause severe discomfort and painful eye irritation. What should you do when this happens? Your friendly Clearwater contact lenses specialist offers the following helpful information and guidelines.

Common Symptoms of Contact Lens Irritation

Uncomfortable symptoms due to contact lenses are relatively common but generally easy to deal with. Common symptoms include:

  • Redness in your eyeGirl Putting in Contact lens 1280x480
  • Stinging, itching, burning
  • Dry eyes
  • Decreased contact lens comfort as the day goes on
  • Constant sensation of something foreign or a scratch in your eye
  • Unusual eye secretions
  • Blurry vision
  • Increased sensitivity to light
  • Excessive tearing (watery eyes)

What to Do When Your Contact Lenses Hurt

If you are bothered by any of the above symptoms, the most important action to take is to take out your contact lenses immediately. If the problem stops, then inspect your lens closely. If you discover any type of damage, such as a tear, jagged edge, or crack, discard the lens immediately. If you find dirt, a stray eyelash or any other small object stuck to the lens, then clean, disinfect, and rinse it thoroughly before putting it back into your eye.

Does the contact lens still irritate your eye even after you clean it?  Do you feel that you cannot otherwise diagnose the cause of the discomfort relating to the contact lenses? If so, contact our Clearwater contact lenses eye care professional to book an appointment. Simply re-inserting a contact lens that is uncomfortable can put your eyes at risk for serious damage. You may have a serious condition, such as a corneal ulcer or eye infection.

Classic Causes of Contact Lens Irritation

Our eye doctor, Dr. Keats, regularly assists and treats patients who experience discomfort from painful contact lenses in our Clearwater office. We will perform a thorough contact lens eye exam to evaluate your condition and identify what underlying cause is creating the irritation. We will also discuss your contact lens hygiene, care, and handling habits. In order for your contacts to work properly and feel great, you need to follow the maintenance and replacement plan recommended by your eye care professional. More often than not, the reason that contact lens wearers experience discomfort associated with contact lenses occurs when they neglect to follow these guidelines, which ultimately leads to unhealthy eye irritation from contact lenses.