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Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

A New Pair Contact Lenses Every Day?

Daily Disposable contact lenses in Clearwater FLWhen contact lenses first came out, patients had one single pair that they made last for 12 months. The cost was prohibitive to replace them more frequently. But the consequence was high infection risk, comfort problems, heavy protein deposition, and visual blur as the lens aged. Patients could not wait to get their new lenses to have comfort and clarity again as they finally discarded the old nasty one.

Technology improved and computer lathed lenses allowed for contact lenses to be replaced quarterly, then monthly and even two weeks for a similar cost as a single pair in times past. This advanced technology reduced eye infections and helped comfort. Many patients in America wear these modalities now and Dr. Keats is happy that the rate of infections and complaints is much than it was before. Sadly there are still patients who struggle to wear them comfortably and infections still occur.

This is why Dr. Keats at Northwood Vision is excited about the growing trend of daily replacement lenses. Clearly, they are the most advanced technology for safety, comfort, and ideal vision. We change our clothing each day for cleanliness and comfort, so it only makes sense to do the same for our eyes. In the past, the cost has been prohibitive for many patients. But with costs coming down, rebate incentives, and the savings on cleaning solutions patients no longer have to purchase, daily disposable contact lenses have become a viable option for most Americans today.

The most exciting thing to Dr. Keats is he now has options for single vision, astigmatism correction, monovision, and multifocal designs. So essentially, almost all patients are now able to have a clean, clear, fresh, comfortable lens on their eye every single day.

The trend moving to daily replacement contact lenses is growing all over the world. In fact, the majority of contact lens wearers in the United Kingdom, Japan, and Norway are using them now as their first lens choice. As the trend continues to rapidly grow in the United States, Dr. Keats can help you make that transition into the latest technology.

Of course, parents love putting their kids into daily disposables because they don’t have to worry about their kids cleaning them properly or remembering to throw them out on time. Nothing feels worse as a parent than to see one’s own child have an eye infection that stems from that parent dropping the ball in monitoring their child sufficiently. Daily disposables essentially eliminate this concern. And this reality also works for adults who tend to over-wear their lenses.

Daily disposables will soon become the primary lens choice across America. Join in the movement at your next eye exam. Your eyes deserve the best you can give them. Ask Dr. Keats about which daily replacement modality is best for you.


Dear Northwood Vision patient,

Here is what we are asking you to do to make a smaller exposure footprint:

  1. If you have any symptoms of loss of taste or smell, upset stomach/diarrhea coughing, fever, difficulty breathing, running nose please reschedule your appointment in 30 days or more.
  2. Wash your hands or use sanitizer immediately upon entering.
  3. Try not to touch any surfaces in the office you do not have to touch (you can push our door open with your foot! Try not to touch your face!)
  4. If you are trying on glasses, we will collect them from you for proper cleaning.
  5. Contact lenses can be shipped to you at no cost with an active rx (minimum 2 boxes)
  6. We will ask that if possible you come alone to the appointment. Guests can wait outside or in the car unless they need to be with you..
  7. If you have been exposed please wear a mask or reschedule in case you are an asymptomatic carrier, masks are encouraged to be worn by each patient if you have one.
  8. We will extend Contact lens prescriptions up to 6 months if recently expired and can direct ship an order to you if you see clearly and your eyes are feeling healthy.
  9. For a fee, we can ship your glasses to you if desired and you can have them adjusted after the shelter in place order is lifted.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this stressful and trying time. May God bless each of you and keep you well.

What is an Eye Emergency? Read more

Routine Care: “I see pretty well in my glasses or contact lenses. I just want to update my frame and / or get some new lenses to optimize my vision. I don’t have any pain or headaches and my eyes feel good and look normal in the mirror to me. I have never been told I have a disease in my eye that needs to be managed. I should definitely wait to come in until the “Shelter at Home” mandate is over. If I am a contact lens wearer, I understand Dr. Keats will allow me to get 3-6 months of contact lenses mailed to me even if my contact lenses are recently expired or close to expiring.”

Emergent Care: “I see poorly and am having difficulty functioning to drive, read, or see my computer. It is affecting my work. Waiting to be seen in 2 months would be very difficult for me to conduct my life.” Another form of emergent care… “I have other symptoms like headaches, red eyes, discharge, or I might have a disease that threatens my sight like diabetes, macular degeneration, glaucoma, a recent onset of flashes and floaters in my vision and so on.” A final type of emergent care would be a patient who realizes, “I am a patient who has a previously scheduled appointment for a medical condition Dr. Keats is managing to protect my sight, so I should plan on coming in for my visit. However, if my overall health is poor and the benefit to risk ratio says I should push this appointment off until the “Shelter at Home” mandate is lifted, it may be wise for me to reschedule for a later date.” In summary, emergent care means it is important that you be seen quickly for the protection of your visual health and current discomfort, or medical health, so you can function to do your work efficiently now and in the future.