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Choosing Frames to Suit Your Face Shape

The Best Ways to Choose Eyeglass Frames


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Glasses, if picked appropriately, can improve your best facial features, while hiding your less desirable features. It's crucial to collaborate with an optician to select a complementary style that works well with your prescription. Opticians become experts in this area so we can assist the many different customers who come to us for aid.

There are numerous considerations to check out when choosing a frame. The initial factor to consider is your face shape. You ought to also consider your hair color, and skin tone. Furthermore, consider what you will be using the frames for, such as basic uses, reading, or sport. Ultimately you must consider exactly what sort of material you like best for the frame, and the lenses.

The first thing to consider when choosing a frame is your face shape. There are generally seven various face shapes, and different frames look best on each different shape. Take a look at this video for an aesthetic explanation of how to establish your face shape:


Now that you understand what shape your face is, what frame is the most flattering?

Oval. Oval faces are symetrical, and are longer than wide, which makes them the easiest to discover frames that are flattering. Almost any frame looks excellent on oval faces.

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Square. Square faces have strong jaws and broad foreheads, and are in proportion to one another. A square face looks best with frames that soften the angles of the face.




Round. Rounded faces have soft foreheads and chins, without any angles. A round face looks best with frames that will include angles and add definition to the face. Rectangular frames balance the gentleness of the face. Strong colors are also an excellent option.

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Triangle. Triangle faces have slim, wide foreheads and round chins. Faces that are triangle shaped look best with frames that add design details and color at the top to balance the face.

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Heart. To balance out a heart shaped face, pick smaller sized frame designs without detail, and a lower set temple. Rectangular, square, and aviator frames will certainly all work with this face shape.


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Oblong. Oblong faces have square chins with a face that is longer than it is wide. Oblong faces appear best in round, square, or rectangle-shaped frames, with detailing on the temples.

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Diamond. Diamond faces are narrow on the bottom and the top. The very best frames for diamond faces are frames that accentuate the top of the eyes, such as cat-eye shapes, or highly decorative frames.

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Dear Northwood Vision patient,

Here is what we are asking you to do to make a smaller exposure footprint:

  1. If you have any symptoms of loss of taste or smell, upset stomach/diarrhea coughing, fever, difficulty breathing, running nose please reschedule your appointment in 30 days or more.
  2. Wash your hands or use sanitizer immediately upon entering.
  3. Try not to touch any surfaces in the office you do not have to touch (you can push our door open with your foot! Try not to touch your face!)
  4. If you are trying on glasses, we will collect them from you for proper cleaning.
  5. Contact lenses can be shipped to you at no cost with an active rx (minimum 2 boxes)
  6. We will ask that if possible you come alone to the appointment. Guests can wait outside or in the car unless they need to be with you..
  7. If you have been exposed please wear a mask or reschedule in case you are an asymptomatic carrier, masks are encouraged to be worn by each patient if you have one.
  8. We will extend Contact lens prescriptions up to 6 months if recently expired and can direct ship an order to you if you see clearly and your eyes are feeling healthy.
  9. For a fee, we can ship your glasses to you if desired and you can have them adjusted after the shelter in place order is lifted.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this stressful and trying time. May God bless each of you and keep you well.

Dr. Christopher K. Keats, OD

What is an Eye Emergency? Read more

Routine Care: “I see pretty well in my glasses or contact lenses. I just want to update my frame and / or get some new lenses to optimize my vision. I don’t have any pain or headaches and my eyes feel good and look normal in the mirror to me. I have never been told I have a disease in my eye that needs to be managed. I should definitely wait to come in until the “Shelter at Home” mandate is over. If I am a contact lens wearer, I understand Dr. Keats will allow me to get 3-6 months of contact lenses mailed to me even if my contact lenses are recently expired or close to expiring.”

Emergent Care: “I see poorly and am having difficulty functioning to drive, read, or see my computer. It is affecting my work. Waiting to be seen in 2 months would be very difficult for me to conduct my life.” Another form of emergent care… “I have other symptoms like headaches, red eyes, discharge, or I might have a disease that threatens my sight like diabetes, macular degeneration, glaucoma, a recent onset of flashes and floaters in my vision and so on.” A final type of emergent care would be a patient who realizes, “I am a patient who has a previously scheduled appointment for a medical condition Dr. Keats is managing to protect my sight, so I should plan on coming in for my visit. However, if my overall health is poor and the benefit to risk ratio says I should push this appointment off until the “Shelter at Home” mandate is lifted, it may be wise for me to reschedule for a later date.” In summary, emergent care means it is important that you be seen quickly for the protection of your visual health and current discomfort, or medical health, so you can function to do your work efficiently now and in the future.